“While I do enjoy helping people, to me, the most rewarding is when I can help someone help themselves. Seeing the light bulb in their eyes come on when they realize that they are able to take care of an issue on their own is way more rewarding than any immediate gratification that I get from temporarily assisting someone else.”

Toby is the financial administrative assistant for Fairmont Community Development Partnership. Toby assists with paying the bills, keeping the books in order, and analyzing the financial viability of projects that we may either be engaged in or considering. He loves that he has the ability to share his ideas here at FCDP. Even if those ideas are not accepted or acted upon, they are still received. “It also helps that I have a great team that I work with.”

Toby had recently retired, after 20 plus years of active duty with the West Virginia Army National Guard, before joining FCDP. He has started his Ph. D. in Public Economics at WVU and was drawn to work with the Partnership because it provided him an opportunity to explore and expand upon the education he would be receiving. Since his return from Iraq, he has remained active in several veterans organizations. Toby is the Commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 629 (another nonprofit organization). He is also the President of the Marion County Veterans Council, a group of representatives from several of the veteran’s organizations in the area.

Toby grew up locally after his parents moved here when he was four. He has lived in the area since then, minus the time he spent deployed overseas.  “I love all of the little outlying communities and their identity. Fairview, Rivesville, Grant Town, Carolina, and many others. Each of these communities has its own distinct personalities that create a sense of pride. So while we are out in the rest of the world we may say that we are from Fairmont, when we are in Fairmont we always identify with a specific community.”

When Toby is not working he is busy with golf, working on cars, and playing board games.

Favorite Quote: “I am living the dream.”