about us

The Fairmont Community Development Partnership is a private, non-profit
organization which promotes community and economic development along
with neighborhood revitalization and affordable housing in targeted
low-income areas.

Our Mission

The Fairmont Community Development Partnership is a private, non-profit organization which promotes community and economic development along with neighborhood revitalization and affordable housing in targeted low income areas. 

Our goals are to improve quality of lives by assisting low-income families with safe, decent, housing; and by promoting business growth as part of a local community development. 

Our Code Of Ethics

We are committed to:

Acting honestly, truthfully, and with integrity in all our transactions and dealings;

Avoiding conflicts of interest;

Handling appropriately any actual or apparent conflicts of interest in our transactions;

Treating every person in our community fairly;

Treating every individual with dignity and respect;

Treating our employees with respect, fairness, and good faith ;

Providing conditions of employment that safeguard our employees’ rights and welfare;

Being a good corporate citizen and complying with both the spirit and the letter of the law;

Acting responsibly toward and for the benefit of Marion County; and

Being responsible, transparent, and accountable for all of our actions.




Membership with the Fairmont Community Development Partnership means being part of an organization that strives to make Fairmont a better place to live. Our membership approves changes to the organization’s by-laws and approves nominees selected to serve the Board of Directors. 

To qualify as a member of the Partnership, an individual needs to have attended the two of the three previous or current Annual Meetings and/or a past or current member of the Board of Directors. Members needs to be at least eighteen years of age and residents of Marion County, or a person whose place of employment is in Marion County.  

Our Staff

Kayleigh Kyle

Kayleigh Kyle is a native West Virginian, a graduate of WVU’s Landscape Architecture program and passionate about community development from the ground up.

She has 10+ years of experience as a local entrepreneur and participated as a co-lead of two of the Community Collaborative Network’s 2020 Action Teams to address West Virginia’s urgent needs in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

She loves strategic planning, escape rooms and really great pens.  

Michele Bowen

Michele Bowen currently serves as the Property Manager, where she manages 54 residential rental properties and 8 commercial rental properties as well as processing applications, facilitating move-ins, move-outs and renewals.

Steve Arthur

Steve Arthur is currently our Maintenance Technician, providing general maintenance including but not limited to: electrical, plumbing, roofing, framing, drywall, painting and inspections. 



Our Board of Directors

Cliff Jackson

Professor & Entrepreneur

Cliff is a professor in the School of Business at Fairmont State University but is also an avid real estate developer and AllPro Home Improvement, located in downtown Fairmont. He is a long-time member of the Partnership’s Board of Directors and is currently serving as the President. He possesses knowledge of tax credits and construction, as well as the processes of acquisition and demolition.

Alex Petry

Board Vice President

Alex is an Assistant Planner for the City of Fairmont and has been appointed to the FCDP Board of Directors by the City Manager. In this role, he assists with the economic development of the city, which includes coordinating and implementing projects and programs that support commercial, office and industrial development, business attraction, and retention.

Nick Fantasia

Board President

Nick was a charter member of the partnership and has served on the Board of Directors for a number of years. Nick has experience working with nonprofits in the area as well as being an entrepreneur. He is the President and Chairman of the Board for Marion County Development Corporation, and serves with a multitude of other local organizations that have a direct impact on the community and economic development of Marion County. He was awarded one of the 2021 Hero Awards with Marion County Family Resource Network.

Houston Richardson

Retired, City Council

Houston is retired, he has been the President of the Dunbar School Foundation, a member of the Marion Co. Development Authority, and a member of the Marion County Planning & Zoning Committee. He has been a long-time supporter of The Partnership and is passionate about the redevelopment and revitalization of Marion County. He is a supporter of the BLM movement and was formerly on the city council.


Toby Heaney

Board Treasurer

Toby Heaney is a retired veteran and previously was the Partnership’s Finance Administrative Assistant. He facilitated all accounting procedures and worked with the Executive Director and Finance Committee to ensure fiscal responsibility and maximize financial resources. He has his Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Charleston, is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Economics from WVU, and serves in a number of community organizations, including acting as commander of VFW Post 629.

Bob Kelly

Associate Professor of Architecture, Fairmont State University

 Robert is currently an Associate Professor at Architecture at Fairmont State University. He has extensive experience working as an architect, maker, and educator, frequently teaching design studios, history/theory courses, and facilitating travel programs.


Bruce McDaniel

Retired City Manager, City of Fairmont

Bruce came to Fairmont working for the citizens of Fairmont for 26 years, 15 as utility manager (water and wastewater utilities) and 11 years as city manager. Since coming to Fairmont, he has belonged to and/or served on the boards of the Marion County United Way, OIC, the Kiwanis Club of Fairmont, the South Fairmont Rotary Club, the FCDP, the Mountaineer Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America, and currently serve as secretary of Marion Regional Development Corporation (MRDC).

Belinda Biafore

Coordinator, Marion County Grants

Belinda is the Marion County Grants Coordinator and serves on the Partnership’s Board of Directors as a representative of the Marion County administration. Her experience in writing proposals, particularly state and federal grants has been beneficial to FCDP. She also helps us locate property through tax sales and is familiar with GIS mapping and records room searches.

Kevin O'Connor

Board Secretary

Kevin serves as a business lender for the Natural Capital Investment Fund which is a CDFI and CDE. Kevin is also a former mortgage lender and CPA. He brings his vast knowledge and extensive experience to his role as Treasurer of the Board of Directors. Prior to his work with the Partnership, he served on the local Habitat for Humanity Board of Directors.

Ladonna Moore

Medical Benefits Administrator, Tygart Contracting 

Ladonna is a Medical Benefits Administrator for Tygart Contracting and assists with foster parent background checks for National Youth Advocate Program in Fairmont. She is passionate about Marion County and making a difference in the community. Ladonna has experience working with non-profits and
volunteers with food pantries from Harrison County to help feed families in need. With her knowledge of fundraising, sales, and community engagement she is excited to see what impact she can have being a part of FCDP.

Marcella Yaremchuk

President, The Women’s Club of Fairmont

Marcella was a charter member of the partnership and a past president of the organization. During her time on the board of directors, the partnership purchased the YMCA building and she’s excited to return to assist in the completion of this project.

Kelley Rose

 Juvenile Victim Offender Mediator, National Youth Advocate Program

Kelley is a Juvenile Victim Offender Mediator for the National Youth Advocate Program.  The National Youth Advocate Programs focuses on Prevention/Intervention, Positive Youth Development, Out-of-home-Placement, and  Reunification/Permanency. Before this she was the children’s case manager at HOPE, Inc., private, non-profit agency that offers shelter and confidential supportive services to victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. She also was employed by the Human Resource Development Foundation where she helped diverse clients start careers, get jobs and maintain employment. Her professional experience has allowed her to build relationships and serve the communities that the Partnership supports. Her knowledge of programs that work to help the unemployed give the partnership an understanding of how we can best reach underserved populations and expand the reach of the organization.


Call: 304-366-7600
Email: info@fcdpartnership.org
Visit: 517 Fairmont Avenue, Fairmont, WV 26554