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Money Donation

Your donation makes a real impact on our community.

Our goals are to improve the quality of life by assisting low-income families with safe, decent, housing; and by promoting business growth as part of local community development.

Help us today.

Text “FCDP” to 53-555 to give today!

How Donations Are Used

Your donation helps us make an impact in our community. Unrestricted funds like these are also leveraged to access additional state and federal funding to make a bigger impact. The vast majority of grants require matching funds and donations such as yours help us make that possible.


Operating Expenses. As a nonprofit organization, we are not in the business to make a profit, but to serve our community. Unrestricted funds, such as your contribution, help us to run our day-to-day operations and make a difference in the community development of Marion County.

Resource Development for Tenants and the Community. We want to make sure our community and tenants have access to resources that can help them in various situations. We’ve already added a budgeting toolkit, emergency preparedness hub, and more. Your contribution allows us to expand these resources and keep them cost-free for our community members.

Continuous improvement of living conditions and development. We want to continue developing affordable living units as well as market rate options for our community. Your contributions allow us to maintain and upgrade the spaces we have to ensure the best tenant experience, as well as access funding to rehabilitate and develop new housing. 

Community Events. Community development begins with the people and there’s no better way to connect than events! We continue to hear your requests for events and opportunities for connection. We have some exciting events planned for this year and your donation will help make these events fun and exciting for all.

Does my small donation really make a difference?

Absolutely! Your giving adds up to making a big impact in our community.

$1 buys an emergency poncho for an emergency kit for tenants and the community.

$5 buys a pack of screws for maintenance and development.

$10 buys an indoor doorknob for maintenance and development. 

$40 buys a gallon of paint for maintenance and development.

$100 buys entry doorknobs and deadbolts for houses and duplexes for maintenance and development.

Can I make a recurring donation?

Yes! On the “Donate Now” form simply check the box “monthly” then choose the amount you would like to donate. You’ll have the option to provide a monthly donation via card or PayPal account. 

[FCDP does] a great job! If I have any questions or concerns, I am almost always answered promptly! 

Anonymous Tenant

FCDP are very good to work with. We appreciate all of [their] assistance.

Anonymous Tenant