Have you ever heard the term community development? Many have and wonder what it truly means. Community development encompasses affordable housing, utility infrastructure, and Community Development Block Grants. The goal is to provide services for not only livability but also sustainability. 


“A number of factors make up a strong, healthy neighborhood . . . These include good schools and educational offerings; convenient access to goods and services; easily available public transportation; streets that are both walkable and bikeable; availability of jobs; a mix of housing; health and wellness centers; parks; gardens and activities that improve quality of life.” (1)


Fairmont Community Development Partnership’s mission encompasses community development and we strive to support those in Marion County. We aim to help improve the quality of life of those in our community. That is a big part of what community development is. 


How do we help community development? Fairmont Community Development Partnership provides affordable housing to those in need in Fairmont. We provide safe and adequate places for people to thrive. We also provide resources such as our new Budgeting Toolkit and Emergency Preparedness Hub


Another way is through our business incubator, The Excelerator. The Excelerator is a local business incubator to help small businesses and entrepreneurs in Marion County. Supporting local businesses helps the local economy and job availability in the area.  We also provide microloans for small businesses and entrepreneurs so that they can succeed. 


We can’t do it alone. We work with other nonprofits, local businesses, and the local government to achieve our mission. If you would like to help support us in our mission towards community development click here or contact our office for volunteer opportunities. 




  1. Municipal Association of South Carolina


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