“I love the fact that our organization does not exist to make anyone rich. We take any money we have beyond our operating costs and reinvest it into the community.”

Steve does the maintenance work for FCDP. What he loves the most about helping others here at Fairmont Community Development Partnership is knowing the tenants are safe with a well-maintained place to live. He loves that “every day is a new adventure” with FCDP.

Before joining the Partnership, Steve was an electrician for 6 years, where he did a variety of residential, commercial, and industrial electrical work focusing primarily on the commercial end. He has also been involved with several projects working on older buildings, mainly in Central Pennsylvania.  The first house that he owned in Altoona, PA was well over 100 years old and he with a partner ended up tearing the roof off of it and redoing that from the rafters up as well as a complete bathroom remodel.  One of his last commercial electrical projects as a subcontractor was a complete remodel of a 110-year-old building into apartments.

Steve was born here in Fairmont but went to elementary school in North Carolina. He attended East Side for junior high and high school. He spent 17 years in Pennsylvania, and now he is back home. He loves that Fairmont is “not a big city.”

During his time away from work he enjoys playing the guitar which he has done for 20 years. Steve also enjoys woodworking and carving. He has two cats, River and Fiona.

Favorite Quote: “It is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folks that keep the darkness at bay. Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens.”