Many will agree a pet is a part of the family. You want to be able to enjoy life at home with your furry friend. Without the proper preparation though it can be stressful renting with a pet. Having a pet in a rental unit means more than just cleaning up after them, which you should be doing inside and out of the apartment. Much more is entailed. 


Many pet owners can lament about their cat’s scratching or their dog’s chewing. Giving them a better outlet for behavior though can be helpful. For your dog that chews on everything, it is best to try to get to the cause of the behavior. If it’s separation anxiety, try a calming plug-in geared to help them be calm while you’re at work, or hire a pet sitter for part of the day. Give them plenty of toys that are great for chewers. It is also very important to make sure they are getting plenty of physical and mental exercise which can help with many behaviors. 


For your cat that loves to scratch give them suitable items just for them. A tall, sturdy scratching post placed in a spot they love to scratch is a healthy outlet. You can also buy the card box scratch boxes as well or a multi-level cat tree. Special tape can be purchased for furniture to deter them from scratching. If they love to scratch the unit carpet try throwing down a rug or placing items over that area.


Be aware of quiet hours and also be courteous to your neighbors who may telework or be home during the day. If Fido loves to bark at people as they pass by, it may be a good idea to simply keep the curtains and blinds closed. Talk with property management to see if removable films for windows are allowed. They can be an efficient way to allow some privacy that is not permanent and is easily removed with water. You can train your dog to ring a bell or give another signal when they need to be taken outside instead of barking. If you must leave your pet alone in the unit or in a crate and it leads to barking, try puzzle toys and plenty of exercise. Giving them interactive toys can be a healthy outlet. A citronella bark collar may be another humane option.


With any rental situation, it is important to read your lease before signing. Look over all community rules and regulations. Determine what pertains to your pet. Reach out to property management if you have any questions. With the right tools renting with a pet doesn’t have to be stressful.


For resources to help you rent with your furry friend check out the Humane Society.


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