Two programs are gearing up at Fairmont Community Development Partnership: The Excelerator and microloans. The Excelerator is a business incubator that will be housed at the FCDP office in Fairmont. The microloan program will help Marion County businesses. Both programs align with the part of our mission to promote community and economic development. 


Coworking spaces and incubators have been on the rise over the last 15 or so years. It can be a challenge to find the right space to work. Cafes may discourage you from using your laptop there for hours on end and some coworking spaces may not care about security features you require to work online. Working from home can have its own challenges from spotty wifi to distractions. We have a solution for you.


The Excelerator is not only a business incubator but also a coworking space with desks and a conference room for rent. Here you can find reliable wifi, a kitchen, a printer, and more to help you better tackle your to-do list. Don’t need a kitchen? We’re conveniently located near downtown Fairmont where you can find great coffee and food. 


For those that apply for long-term use of the incubator, you can also receive access to experienced local business leaders of the community for some guidance. Take advantage of networking opportunities with other entrepreneurs and like-minded business members while you work.


Microloans help businesses with everyday purchases, expansion, and even starting up. The microloan program will loan up to $5,000 with terms of up to five years. Marion County business owners may apply. FCDP seeks to assist the financially marginalized to assess funds. Our goal is to help small businesses and entrepreneurs.


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