Moving can be a hassle. All of those boxes, coordinating with anyone helping you, and the back and forth. There are some ways to make it easier though.



One of the easiest ways to make moving less of a hassle is to purge beforehand. You’ll have less to pack and move. Go through your belongings either before packing or during and find items to donate. You can list items for sale on places such as Facebook Marketplace, take them to a donation drop-off, or schedule a donation pick-up with donation sites such as Habitat. 



Moving costs can add up quickly. Check to see if you have any boxes tucked away that can be reused for the move. Reach out to local stores to see if you can take any of their discarded boxes. For packing tape and other supplies make sure to shop around for the best deal. Look online and at places like your local Walmart. 


Pack Right

When you pack your boxes make sure to pack strategically. You want to make sure you are able to lift the box so do not overpack. For items that are breakable consider packing them with blankets, pillows, or even clothes to help cushion them. If you have any original packaging for appliances, try using those for the move as well. Make sure to write on the boxes what room each box should be left in. You can make a detailed list of items in the box or keep it brief. This way it will help you find items easier as needed at the new place. 


Plan Ahead

Ensure you get a moving truck by scheduling it ahead of time. Don’t wait till the last minute. Consider if your vehicle is suitable to move items in. Do you have any friends with a truck or trailer that could help? Reach out to them early and see if they would be willing to assist you. If you need to hire a moving company make sure to shop around and get a handful of quotes. 


Moving Day

Dress right for not only moving but also the weather. Is it going to be hot out? Make sure you have a hat and some sunscreen. Is it going to be cold? Dress in layers that are easy to move around in. Make a detailed plan as well: start time, helpers, lunch break, moving distance, etc. Plan an easy meal. You may just want to order some pizza and grab some paper plates to easily toss. 


These are just a handful of tips to help make moving less stressful. The bottom line is to plan ahead. Take your time and do it right. Whether you’re moving alone, hiring help, or relying on friends and family, moving doesn’t always have to be a headache. 


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