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Job Overview: 

The Executive Director is a senior executive position that oversees organizational functions and ensures the mission of FCDP is met through responsible fiscal, personnel, customer, and community policy and relationship management. Duties also include property management of the current inventory of approximately 50 residential rental units and six commercial units.

Executive Director Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Works with Board of Directors to develop a strategic plan
  • Implements strategic plan
  • Provides day-to-day operational management to the organization
  • Ensures team collaboration
  • Advises Board of Directors and partnering organizations regarding project status
  • Maintains communications and relationships with funders and governmental agencies
  • Promotes public awareness of FCDP and their activities
  • Maintains relationships with residents/property owners in target areas
  • Represents the organization in regard to public media inquiries
  • Processes WVHDF Re-certification, Grant & CHDO draw Requests for builds
  • Manages Bidding, Contract Preparation, and Build Design Review for Single Family/Rental Construction
  • Conducts Survey & Site Plan Review, Schedules & Monitors Inspections, and Completes Draw Requests
  • Writes and Oversees Grants
  • Carries out Property Acquisition/Negotiations
  • Researches property ownership, tax liability & outstanding liens Fairmont Community Development Partnership
  • Works with City’s Vacant Property program to acquire properties for future development
  • Prepares SHPO & Historic Property Inventory Forms
  • Outlines long-range redevelopment and building plans
  • Recruits and manages maintenance and support contractors
  • Hires and manages staff
  • Works with Finance consultant and/or Board of Directors to maintain finances and accounts payable
  • Oversees HOME Rental Program
  • Submits required documentation to WVHDF
  • Leases Commercial, Market Rate & Affordable Rentals
  • Conducts Tenant Advertising and Recruitment in compliance with Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan
  • Screens Tenants
  • Processes Annual Tenant recertification and leases
  • Conducts Tenant Move Out, City and Housing Authority Property inspections
  • Maintains Tenant relations/communications – carries an emergency number cell phone
  • Enters Property Management Bookkeeping
  • Collects Rent Payments and Security Deposits and documents in Buildium property management software


  • MBA or similar degree, or equivalent experience.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office and G-Suite
  • Proficiency in QuickBooks
  • Experience in grant writing
  • Professional communication skills and the ability to maintain confidentiality
  • The ability to work autonomously and direct others
  • Financial management experience – ability to develop a budget, run financial reports, etc.
  • Experience working with local government
  • Experience writing policies and procedures
  • Knowledge of GIS and familiarity with tax maps
  • Knowledge of Budgets and being able to work within budget parameters
  • Knowledge of federal and state grants
  • Have familiarity with federal, state, and city regulations for housing & construction
  • Strongly Desired Skills and Experience:
  • Affordable Housing experience
  • Housing Development experience
  • Experience working with West Virginia Housing Development Fund, HOME program, CHDO
  • Demonstrated experience in Compliance with Federal Regulations

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Interested persons may send a resume and letter of interest through Indeed.

Additional information about the organization:


The mission, vision, and values of the organization serve as the foundation for all other work.


The Partnership will build sustainable, innovative, socially responsible programming and a diverse housing portfolio that explores new areas, markets, and networks to foster economic development and housing stability for our clients.


  • Providing safe, affordable, decent housing for the community
  • Nurturing strong, self-reliant individuals with expanded capacity for accomplishment
  • Learning how people can create a sense of community at the neighborhood level
  • Building strong communities through collaboration to provide a basis for positive change
  • Promoting the social and economic empowerment of individuals, businesses and communities
  • Developing leadership to build upon the needs and values of people and to inspire the aspirations and potential of others

Respecting the diversity of life to maintain a sustainable human and physical environment

The Four Pillars: 

There are four supporting pillars of the organization that are based on the sound foundation of Mission, Vision, and Value. These pillars represent key organizational supports to effect change.

  1. Community Engagement – Community Engagement is important in determining the wants and needs of the FCDP’s clients and the overall community. It is also important when developing networks and collaborations for the good of the community.
  2. Finance – Finance and management of financial resources are crucial in sustaining long-term solvency.
  3. Program Development – The program development organizational support addresses the need to create and revise programming with the goal of sustaining clients in housing and furthering economic development.
  4. Board Development – Board Development is an important organizational support in that it assures that the Membership has the appropriate training, composition, and functionality to meet the ever-changing needs of the organization and environment.

Job Type:



$50,000.00 – $55,000.00 per year


  • Flexible schedule
  • Paid time off


8-hour shift

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